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Sandra Peachey Owner Entice U Nelson Bay


I am Sandra, owner and curator of Entice U – a colorful boutique full of heart and soul.

Let me guess, bright colours make you feel happy?  

But it’s not all about colour for you, is it?  

You LOVE beautiful clothing and jewellery. The kind you won’t find on every street corner. Delightful objects that have a story behind their maker. Pieces you will adore for a long time.

I LOVE all these things too!

You see, I grew up in France and later lived in London.

Where the fashion was chic and the quality high-end.

Where street markets sold one-of-a-kind, artisan homewares from exotic places.

Where being unique was commonplace.

As an impressionable young woman I noticed these things. So much so, they informed my values, and now those of Entice U.

Buy what makes you happy, choose quality over quantity and seek out the unique.

If you love these values too then you are in the right place.

Welcome to our colourful world, where you can be you, and explore the treasures within!

Sandra x